window-tappers-300dpi-1I’m now working on an album with taffy angst kitten Susan Matthews. Our first Window Tappers release will be out on Tourette’s Records later in the year. It is cerebral, cold and depressing. You’ll love it.

Don Anderson of obscure skiffle Yanks, Agaloch is recording his guitar and MELLOTRON parts for the new Sol Invictus studio album to be brutalized by the hun label Prophecy also later this year.

I have stolen and recorded some ideas for a joint endeavour with sleazy italian boy band Sigillum S. I shall be playing bass-SQUEAL!

I shall also be starting work on a solo album for an unpronounceable Polish label. For release in, god knows when. I shall be accompanied on this by a bevy of classical babes and my wife.
An album based around Hogarth’s England that I am recording with ‘M’ under the name The Gild, will continue once he has offloaded running the world jewish conspiracy to some one with more free time and air miles.
I will soon be starting work with Mrs. Wakeford on an ambient set for the bunga bunga Villa Festival at the end of April.

Once Sol Invictus noise serfs the guzzle sisters have returned from spreading lesbo mayhem in lands foreign we shall play a London concert at the 12 Bar Club mega arena.
I hope to be playing live and recording with the ridiculously named Gernot Musch as our dreary duo Twa Corbies. That’s about it for now.

Toodle Pip!