A rare UK appearance by these Italian post – industrial audio legends descended into controversy and some might say farce today.
After 3 days of extreme noise, Sigillum S confounded the audience when Eraldo Bernocchi took to the stage with a lute and the rest of the band  followed him, replacing  their usual laptops with early music percussion instruments.  All were dressed in the garb of mediaeval troubadours. The audience stared open-mouthed as Bernocchi led the band in a medley of courtly love songs. The last straw for the audience was the projection of a video of kittens frolicking in slow motion.
The organisers ordered security to escort the band off stage, they claim for their own safety.
One heavily pierced angry fan seemed to sum up the audience reaction. Sporting a grey wolves, Victory Through Violence T- shirt the fan who had traveled from Cheam for the 3 day event said, ” I did not borrow good money off my mum to be subjected to this kind of filth. I am frankly disgusted.Image

No one from Sigillum S was available for comment.