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The first half of The Wand and the Moon (The Blond and the Gloom) arrive.
They seem a nice bunch and Kim Larson is much less gingery and beardy then I had feared.
However, they are soon drinking like mad men and woman and venting their hate at the English for buying all the good bacon.
I rise above it for I know that leaving them the watery bacon is one of the few ways of diluting the vast amounts of alcohol they consume. Once again the selfless kindness of the English is misconstrued.
As another great Englishman once said, “I forgive them, for they know not what they do.”
We devoured a lovely meal cooked by our hostess although I found the Danes use of Beck’s beer as a condiment a tad disconcerting.
It was Kim’s birthday, supposedly, although I suspect it was an attempt at upstaging my birthday on the 2nd. However as the result was a delightful chocolate and apple cake I shall not let this wound fester. Like Christ on the cross I am above all that!