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My trip to the Villa festival started in pouring rain and speeding at 5 miles an hour on the sadly not meant ironically Gatwick Express. However my Easy Jet flight arrived in Pisa 10 minutes early with a most gentle landing especially compared to the aircraft version of the belly flop so beloved of lying air, who manage to hate musicians even more then I do.
It was lovely seeing my workaholic friends who run the festival, proving that opposites do attract.
A Nordic musician Johann getting transformed into a lobster by the Italian sun in under 5 minutes added to the hilarity. I slept until 8:30 which is for me like a normal person sleeping in until midday!
Breakfast was black coffee and cake on the villa balcony which for me has the best view in the world. Serenaded by the sweet singing of birds. This is only disturbed by the loud clanging of a catholic bell roughly every 15 minutes marking Gods march or the number of children fondled by priests, depending on your cynicism. I had a run through of the Owls set with my trusty Yamaha silent guitar ( all sponsorship deals welcome). I have had it years but have only just realised you can play your iPhone through it and rehearse along through headphones. Anyway, hopefully it means at least one of the Owls will know what he is doing while the other two members swan around touring with some awful noise combo!