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Some artists, depressingly few, have the gift, the ability, to transmute and conjure you into a world of their own design. Very few do so as effortlessly as “The Hare And The Moon”
Their track on the Tursa titanic-like compilation was for me a highlight and after an audio perusal of an EP and album by them is happy that this was no lucky accident. A rare quibble is that bane of so much recent recording, computer software drums, particularly timpani. This carping might be construed as “those in glass slippers shouldn’t kick stones”, but I speak as I find.
Vocally, I think THATM are spot on, the female has a (girl in long nighty running through a forest at start of hammer style 70’s TV play) timbre that fits perfectly. A creaky dusty claustrophobic feel permeates many of the tracks as if recorded in a scout hut in some obscure backwater that seems to attract an unnaturally large amount of blue bottles.
You should beg, borrow, steal or even, God forbid, buy a bloody copy forthwith and demand that they start playing concerts.