This is yet another attempt at running a blog. My last attempts caused even industrial strength spell and grammer checkers to book into Dignitas, so I’m not expecting to be here for long.
This should in theory follow the trials and tribulations of recording the next Sol Invictus album, provisionally titled “The Devil’s Year?” and due out via Prophecy (Home of the Hun), in 2013.

It may also describe to you the exotic world of  budget airlines, dull hotels and never starting sound checks, that make playing in Sol Invictus and my new live project “Twa Corbies” such a joy.

Twa Corbies is my and Gernot Munsch’s untalented Simon & Garfunkel, (Sarcy & Carbuncle?) take on my Sol and Solo flotsam.

Expect the next update in about 5 years!