A Few Old Sketches

I received this from my old friend Tor Lundvall and thought it might be of interest.

“I’ve been scanning some of my old sketchbooks and found these early drawings.  These were my first impressions after you sent me the lyrics for “In The Rain” back in 1993.  The sketch for “Fall Like Rain” is based on the lyric ‘The lost rise from the fields, and march into the trees’ which I always liked.  I also found the original sketch for “The Watching Moon’ which is also attached.  Anyway, just thought you’d like to see them as a curiosity.”


Villa Festival 2013

I have uploaded snippets from some of the “music” (drones I have cobbled together, when angry birds has crashed) which will be accompanied by I and Mrs Renee Zionist Lobby-Wakeford. Also expect guest appearance from various drunken nordic’s (is there any other kind) and the odd (and I do mean odd) Korean. But don’t let that put you off as their will be ladieez …………….>IMG_0321

Another year older and…….

window-tappers-300dpi-1I’m now working on an album with taffy angst kitten Susan Matthews. Our first Window Tappers release will be out on Tourette’s Records later in the year. It is cerebral, cold and depressing. You’ll love it.

Don Anderson of obscure skiffle Yanks, Agaloch is recording his guitar and MELLOTRON parts for the new Sol Invictus studio album to be brutalized by the hun label Prophecy also later this year.

I have stolen and recorded some ideas for a joint endeavour with sleazy italian boy band Sigillum S. I shall be playing bass-SQUEAL!

I shall also be starting work on a solo album for an unpronounceable Polish label. For release in, god knows when. I shall be accompanied on this by a bevy of classical babes and my wife.
An album based around Hogarth’s England that I am recording with ‘M’ under the name The Gild, will continue once he has offloaded running the world jewish conspiracy to some one with more free time and air miles.
I will soon be starting work with Mrs. Wakeford on an ambient set for the bunga bunga Villa Festival at the end of April.

Once Sol Invictus noise serfs the guzzle sisters have returned from spreading lesbo mayhem in lands foreign we shall play a London concert at the 12 Bar Club mega arena.
I hope to be playing live and recording with the ridiculously named Gernot Musch as our dreary duo Twa Corbies. That’s about it for now.

Toodle Pip!

Sigillum S at 30 YEARS OF BROKEN FLAG – 4TH-6TH MAY 2012

A rare UK appearance by these Italian post – industrial audio legends descended into controversy and some might say farce today.
After 3 days of extreme noise, Sigillum S confounded the audience when Eraldo Bernocchi took to the stage with a lute and the rest of the band  followed him, replacing  their usual laptops with early music percussion instruments.  All were dressed in the garb of mediaeval troubadours. The audience stared open-mouthed as Bernocchi led the band in a medley of courtly love songs. The last straw for the audience was the projection of a video of kittens frolicking in slow motion.
The organisers ordered security to escort the band off stage, they claim for their own safety.
One heavily pierced angry fan seemed to sum up the audience reaction. Sporting a grey wolves, Victory Through Violence T- shirt the fan who had traveled from Cheam for the 3 day event said, ” I did not borrow good money off my mum to be subjected to this kind of filth. I am frankly disgusted.Image

No one from Sigillum S was available for comment.

The Villa Festival


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This years festival was the best so far with a very strong and varied line up and ended on a high with a wonderful set by The Wand and the Moon.
Despite seemingly being the out come of some sinister Danish experiment that created human/ beer hybrids the result was an amazing set from a 6 piece that never sounded cluttered.
I recommend you catch them live before sorosis of the liver decimates the band or the puppet clowns catch and eat Kim Larson.












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What can only be a concerted effort to commit offence and dare I say blasphemy against one of the hallowed sages of theNeo-Folk reared its foul visage at the Villa festival yesterday.
Such was the cunning that even the 3 stooges that support ME in MY band OWLS had them placed upon them without their knowledge. As they hold me in such awe an act such as this would be anathema.
I intend to track down the instigators and enablers of this foul act of desecration and my vengeance shall be spoken off in hushed horror in aeons to come. Thank you.


Viking hordes!


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The first half of The Wand and the Moon (The Blond and the Gloom) arrive.
They seem a nice bunch and Kim Larson is much less gingery and beardy then I had feared.
However, they are soon drinking like mad men and woman and venting their hate at the English for buying all the good bacon.
I rise above it for I know that leaving them the watery bacon is one of the few ways of diluting the vast amounts of alcohol they consume. Once again the selfless kindness of the English is misconstrued.
As another great Englishman once said, “I forgive them, for they know not what they do.”
We devoured a lovely meal cooked by our hostess although I found the Danes use of Beck’s beer as a condiment a tad disconcerting.
It was Kim’s birthday, supposedly, although I suspect it was an attempt at upstaging my birthday on the 2nd. However as the result was a delightful chocolate and apple cake I shall not let this wound fester. Like Christ on the cross I am above all that!


My Neo folk hell


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My trip to the Villa festival started in pouring rain and speeding at 5 miles an hour on the sadly not meant ironically Gatwick Express. However my Easy Jet flight arrived in Pisa 10 minutes early with a most gentle landing especially compared to the aircraft version of the belly flop so beloved of lying air, who manage to hate musicians even more then I do.
It was lovely seeing my workaholic friends who run the festival, proving that opposites do attract.
A Nordic musician Johann getting transformed into a lobster by the Italian sun in under 5 minutes added to the hilarity. I slept until 8:30 which is for me like a normal person sleeping in until midday!
Breakfast was black coffee and cake on the villa balcony which for me has the best view in the world. Serenaded by the sweet singing of birds. This is only disturbed by the loud clanging of a catholic bell roughly every 15 minutes marking Gods march or the number of children fondled by priests, depending on your cynicism. I had a run through of the Owls set with my trusty Yamaha silent guitar ( all sponsorship deals welcome). I have had it years but have only just realised you can play your iPhone through it and rehearse along through headphones. Anyway, hopefully it means at least one of the Owls will know what he is doing while the other two members swan around touring with some awful noise combo!


The Hare And The Moon


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Some artists, depressingly few, have the gift, the ability, to transmute and conjure you into a world of their own design. Very few do so as effortlessly as “The Hare And The Moon”
Their track on the Tursa titanic-like compilation was for me a highlight and after an audio perusal of an EP and album by them is happy that this was no lucky accident. A rare quibble is that bane of so much recent recording, computer software drums, particularly timpani. This carping might be construed as “those in glass slippers shouldn’t kick stones”, but I speak as I find.
Vocally, I think THATM are spot on, the female has a (girl in long nighty running through a forest at start of hammer style 70’s TV play) timbre that fits perfectly. A creaky dusty claustrophobic feel permeates many of the tracks as if recorded in a scout hut in some obscure backwater that seems to attract an unnaturally large amount of blue bottles.
You should beg, borrow, steal or even, God forbid, buy a bloody copy forthwith and demand that they start playing concerts.